42 idioms vàng trong làng luyện thi IELTS

Ở bài viết này AE giới thiệu đến các bạn 42 idioms mà sĩ tử IELTS nào cũng nên bỏ túi nhé.
1. at all costs = bằng mọi giá
= you use this idiom to talk about someone who does everything you can to achieve/succeed
Ex: My dream is to become a successful businessman and I will work hard for it AT ALL COSTS.
2. be out of your depth = trong tình thế khó xử/khó khăn
= you use this idiom when you want to say that you are in a difficult situation
Ex: I am used to teaching General english but I was OUT OF MY DEPTH when I had to teach Academic English.
3. explore all avenues = suy tính đến các hướng/bước để tránh xảy ra vấn đề/hậu quả xấu
= you use this idiom when you want to say you are keen on a particular action to avoid trouble in the end
Ex: We need to EXPLORE ALL AVENUES before doing something that is not very safe to a great number of people in order to minimize unfavourable consequences.
4. let’s face it = hãy đối mặt/chấp nhận thực tế/sự thật
= you use this idiom to talk about the facts/truth which need to be accepted without an argument
Ex: Let’s face it. You won’t be able to achieve 7.0 IELTS if you do not work hard.
5. behind the times = lỗi thời, hết thời
= you use this idiom to say that something is old-fashioned or out-dated
Ex: My friend never likes using smart phones. She’s so BEHIND THE TIMES.
6. in deep water = trong tình thế nguy hiểm/khó khăn
= you use this idiom to say that you are in trouble or in a dangerous situation
Ex: He has not submitted his dissertation so he’s IN DEEP WATER.
7. put yourself in somebody’s shoes = thử đặt mình vào vị trí/hoàn cảnh của người khác
= you use this idiom when you imagine that you are in somebody’s position in order to understant his/her feelings
Ex: If you PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES, you would understand why I made that decision.
8. to be up in arms about something = tức giận, buồn bực vì điều gì đó
= you use this idiom when you want to express that you are upset or angry about something.
Ex: She has been UP IN ARMS about the rent increase.
9. as easy as pie : rất dễ, dễ như ăn bánh
Ex: He said it is a difficult problem, but I don’t agree. It seems as easy as pie to me!
10. be sick and tired of : tôi ghét (tôi không chịu được)
Ex: I’m sick and tired of doing nothing but work. Let’s go out tonight and have fun.
11. bend over backwards : rất cố gắng (có khi quá sức)
Ex: He bent over backwards to please his new wife, but she never seemed satisfied.
12. sleep on it: suy nghĩ (trước khi quyết định)
Ex: That sounds like a good deal, but I’d like to sleep on it before I give you my final decision.
13. broke : hết tiền, cháy túi
Ex: I have to borrow some money from my Dad. Right now, I’m broke.
14. change one’s mind : đổi ý
Ex: I was planning to work late tonight, but I changed my mind. I’ll do extra work on the weekend instead.
15. Cut it out! : dừng làm việc gì xấu
Ex: That noise is really annoying. Cut it out!
16. drop someone a line: gửi 1 lá thư hay email cho ai đó
Ex: It was good to meet you . Drop me a line when you have time.
17. figure something out : hiểu được vấn đề gì
Ex: I don’t understand how to do this problem. Take a look at it. Maybe you can figure it out.
18. fill in for someone : làm dùm ai khi họ vắng mặt
Ex: While I was away from the store, my brother filled in for me.
19. in ages : từ rất lâu
Ex: Have you seen Joe recently? I haven’t seen him in ages.
20. give someone a hand : giúp
Ex: I want to move this desk. Can you give me a hand?
21. hit the hay : đi ngủ
Ex: It’s after 12 o’clock. I think it’s time to hit the hay.
22. in the black : sinh lời, có lời
Ex: Our business is really improving. We’ve been in the black all year.
23. in the red : mất tiền, lỗ
Ex: Business is really going poorly these days. We’ve been in the red for the past three months.
24. in the nick of time: xíu nữa, 1 lúc nữa
Ex: I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time. I really need this medicine!
25. keep one’s chin up : dũng cảm và tiếp tục
Ex: I know things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. It will get better soon.
26. know something like the back of your hand : biết 1 việc gì rất rõ
Ex: If you get lost, just ask me for directions. I know this part of town like the back of my hand.
27. once in a while : đôi khi, lâu lâu
Ex: Have you been to the new movie theater? No, only see movies once in a while.
28. sharp : chính xác thời gian đó
Ex: I’ll meet you at 9 o’clock sharp. If you’re late, we’ll be in trouble!
29. Don’t judge a book by its cover: this means don’t make a decision based on a brief impression or outward appearance (đừng đánh giá một sự vật/sự việc/con người chỉ qua vẻ bề ngoài)
Ex: I don’t like our new neighbours very much, they’re quite strange.
You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Give them a chance, I think they’re just a bit quirky but really nice!”
30. miss the boat = to miss an opportunity (lỡ cơ hội)
Ex: If you miss the boat, it means you are too late to get an opportunity in my company.
There were tickets available last night, but she missed the boat by waiting till today to try to buy some.
31. feeling under the weather = to be ill or unable to do regular activities (cảm thấy không khỏe, không được tốt)
Ex: If you’re feeling under the weather – you should go home and get some rest.
I’m feeling under the weather – I think I’m getting a cold
32. leave no stone unturned = to do everything you can to achieve your goal (làm tất cả để đạt mục tiêu)
Ex: I’ll leave no stone unturned until I find out the reason
Don’t worry. I’ll find your stolen dog. I’ll leave no stone unturned.
33. hit the nail on the head = used if something someone says, is precisely correct (đoán đúng, đánh đúng trọng tâm, nói đúng….)
Ex: You hit the nail on the head when you used idioms in the speaking test.
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that what’s lacking in our company is a feeling of confidence.
34. sit on the fence = to stay neutral and not take sides (lưỡng lự)
Ex: You can’t sit on the fence any longer- you have to decide where you go.
I’m sitting on the fence with my girlfriend when we went shopping!
35. take for granted = to never think about something because you believe it will always be available or stay exactly the same (coi việc có cái gì như một điều hiển nhiên nên không trân trọng khi có điều đó)
Ex: He took her help for granted without saying thank you.
I took it for granted that I would find the perfect job/
36. A piece of cake = very easy (dễ dàng)
Ex: Getting a band 6.5 in the speaking test will be a piece of cake.
“ Something easily accomplished, as in I had no trouble finding your house, it was a piece of cake”
37. Blew me away = when something blows you away, you’re extremely impressed by it (khi thứ gì đó “blow you away”, nghĩa là thứ đó thực sự rất đáng ngạc nhiên)
Ex: The new technology blew me away.
The amount of thecheck blew me away. The loud noise from the concert blew me away.
38. once in a blue moon = very rarely (rất hiếm khi)
Ex: I used to see him all the time, but now he just visits me once in a blue moon.
My sister lives in Saigon, so I only see her once in a blue moon.
39. Run of the mill = average, ordinary (thông thường)
Ex: Apple phones are very run of the mill these days. 
The restaurant we went to was nothing special, just run the mill. The service was good, but the food was run of the mill.
40. Soul mate = someone you trust very deeply (bạn chí cốt tâm giao, tri âm tri kỷ)
Ex: How to know when you have found your soul mate.
41. Down in the dumps = sad
Ex: I was really down in the dumps after my dog died.
He’s down in the dumps because all his friends are out of town.
42. cost an arm and a leg = really expensive
Ex: Those hats must have cost an arm and a leg.
I’d love to buy a Lamborghini supercar, but it costs an arm and a leg.
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